There are few reasons why I charge for my meditations.

One of them is quite simple. It is my work. I invest A LOT of time and a good bit of money into it and I am as much a human as you and need to pay my bills and eat.

Another reason has nothing to do with me - but it has a lot with you. It's actually quite simple - if you pay for it, it will work better...


Money has it's own energy. And wherever you invest your energy, you get returns. Quite often if we get something for free we tend to leave it, forget about it and as a result never actually using it. I'm sure you know what I mean. Do you remember downloading a free ebook or video and leaving it "for later" just to forget about it altogether?

One more thing - we are taught to believe that the more something costs the better it is. If you pay for something you are sending out a signal:

"This is important for me enough to pay money for it - I choose this over something else I could have spent that money on".

You immediately tell your subconsciouses to "pay attention".

You prepare yourself for something important.

You create room for changes.

You help this meditation help you.